About SwastickBookBox

• An online & offline educational platform that helps students prepare for Olympiad exams through meticulously designed tools

• Provides access to the tool that helps in evaluating and improving the subject knowledge of students.

• Helps the child to focus on the basics of the subjects and promotes logical brain development that improves a child's overall logical thought process and problem-solving skills

Olympiad Toolkit Contains

• 5 test for each chapter, 10 sample tests and 3 mock tests simulating actual Olympiad exam for each subject

• In-depth Result Analysis – a detailed diagnostic for each chapter-wise, sample and mock test. Students/Parents can analyze progress across different attempts and/or tests.

• Identifying areas that need more study and practice

• Peer performance report, indicating the comparative performance of the student among all students who attempted mock test

SBB Olympiad Toolkit Objectives

To develop aptitude and logical reasoning
To develop and nurture the habit of self-study
To develop and maintain the interest of the students in a related Subjects

To develop the problem-solving attitude among the students
To help in proper utilization of time by attempting the test on the fly
To boost the confidence of student by appearing in multiple exams

SBB Olympiad Toolkit Approach

Olympaid Exam Patterns

Our team of experienced education professionals researched different Olympiad Exams Patterns and developed a deep understanding of the approach of these exams. Based on their educational experience and understanding of the Olympiad exams approach, they drafted the questions and prepared the sample and mock tests for each pattern.

Step by Step Preparation

Entire practice session has been divided into multiple levels, with each level helping students to take step towards holistic understanding of the subject

• First level (chapter-wise test)
• Second level (sample tests) • Third and final level (Mock Tests)

Adaptive Learning Approach

Our entire focus remains on fundamental concepts and logical approach for solving the problems. The question papers are drafted by experienced education professionals (B Ed, M Ed & PHD) using the adaptive learning approach which is a step by step mix of all types of difficulty levels - easy, medium and tough. As a result, students get to grasp / adapt the concept and moves towards its applied part smoothly.

Focus on Practical Learning

Our main objective is to develop analytical thinking among students and encourage reasoning / logical thought process. The motive of all the Olympiad Organizations is to motivate students to compete on global level and nurture their talent. That’s why we have developed our tests to give them holistic learning for overall growth and development of the student.

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