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Non - Verbal Reasoning: Food for logical brain development

Reasoning, either verbal or non-verbal, is a key component in any of the competitive exams. Reasoning is important for not only exams but also helps in decision making. It also works as food for your brain. We will explain just what non – verbal reasoning means and involves, and how you can help your child prepare for their tests as well as teach them the importance of reasoning in personality development of a child

  • 10 Apr 2020
  • 06:02 AM

Verbal Reasoning: Test of skill rather than of learned knowledge

Verbal reasoning tests are a key part of most govt./bank/competitive exams but your child won’t be taught the skill at school or even in graduation. We explain just what verbal reasoning involves, and how you can help them prepare for their test as well as important of reasoning in personality development of a child

  • 05 Apr 2020
  • 05:15 AM

The Role of the Magnificent Reasoning Ability

Reasoning is a distinguishing ability that humans possess. It is associated with cognition, intellect, and thinking. We learn, and learn a lot in our schools and colleges. The idea is to acquire knowledge. This knowledge would be useless if we never apply or use it. This is where reasoning comes into play.

  • 08 Mar 2020
  • 12:01 AM

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