• An online educational platform that helps students of class 1 to 8 to prepare for Olympiad and other competitive exams through meticulously designed tools

• SwastickBookBox is designed by integrating the elements of exam preparation (e.g. practice tests at chapter and subject level) with the educational approach followed in Indian schools. The structure of these practice modules is strategically designed syllabus-wise, so that preparing for Olympiad Exams does not become an additional burden for the students.

• The SBB Olympiad toolkit provides students access to tools that helps in evaluating and improving their subject knowledge for Mathematics, Science, Cyber/Computer, English, General Knowledge & Logical Reasoning

• The toolkit focuses on basics of the subjects and promotes logical brain development of child that improves child's overall logical thought process and problem-solving skills

● 5 tests for each chapter. So, if the subject syllabus is covered in 10 chapters, toolkit contains 50 tests of 15 questions each

● 10 Sample tests for each subject covering entire subject syllabus

● 3 Mock tests to prepare students for real time exam environment

● Detailed analysis of results along with progress across different test attempts and comparative performance vis-à-vis other students

• Students can access the Online preparation application through desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile

• No hard copy or printed material will be provided

• Each subscription is valid till 31st March of the calendar year i.e. the student/parents have to renew the subscription as the students move to next class each year starting 1st April.

About Olympiad exam

Olympiad exams are:

• Competitive examination conducted by different independent organizations like SOF

• These exams test students subject knowledge and are aligned to the CBSE syllabus

• Olympiad Exams plays important role in identifying a child’s capability and evaluate his/her real potential of their fitment in modern competitive world.

• These exams also help to get ready for upcoming competition in their carrier path.

Olympiad exams are conducted by various organizations. Following are the list of organizations who conduct Olympiads exams in India and abroad:

• ASSET by Educational Initiatives

• Science Olympiad Foundation

• Silver Zone

• Unified Council

• Brilliant Zone

• Eduheal Foundation

Different organizations conduct Olympiad exams in different subjects. However following subjects are common among all organizations:

• Cyber/Computer

• Science

• Math

• General Knowledge

• English

Usually all Olympiad Exams are conducted through school participation only and if your school is not participating in these exams then you have limited chance of enrolling for Olympiad Exams. Unified Council is now allowing students from selected cities to participate directly in NTSE Exams. You can visit their official website for more details - www.unifiedcouncil.com

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